Don’t struggle like that or I will only love you more.

Just had a “Gorilla Vanilla” flavour yoghurt. Classic.

There’s a street near my house that often has boxes and cups and other rubbish from fast food places scattered there. The weird thing is none of those places are anywhere near this street. Now you could say that people are buying food and walking along while they eat it but even if that were the case they’d have either finished it long before they reached this street or it would be stone cold by the time they got there. It’s a nice area too, there’s no litter apart from these fast food containers in this one street. Well, like any sensible person would do in this situation, I have started keeping a log of what appears in that street and on what day. I’m afraid I can’t narrow it down to what time because I am forced to attend a much less important job in order to obtain money. If I could, I would set up camp on one of the rooftops and monitor the situation 24/7.

I had a dream last night. I don’t remember much of it but I was smoking cigars and I don’t think I was me. That’s not the odd part though, I woke up upside down. I don’t actually remember going to sleep, so it’s quite possible I was just watching TV laid that way around like I do sometimes which doesn’t make it very weird at all and sort of takes something away from what would have been a wonderful little story so feel free to forget that part if you wish and marvel at the girl who sometimes wakes up the wrong way around.

Here is a picture of me.


I call this look “Corpse Party” because I’ve been playing that game again and it sort of led to this look. See? Sometimes I give the looks names that make sense. It’s boring isn’t it? Don’t you wish I’d call it something more fun? Like “Amateur surgery behind the ketchup factory”

Messy isn’t it? Overall, I like the way it turned out. I started with the bandages and worked from there. The hardest part was deciding if the fishnets should go over or under the bandages. I went with over in the end. I like to think I was trying to get dressed with those huge claws, that explains the rips.


Skin. Tres Blah.
Tres Blah skins are still some of my favourites. I vaguely remember IMing the creator and demanding she make slink appliers one night which was very rude and I apologise. But come on, please?
Hair. Elikatira.
I actually have no idea if Elikatira is even open anymore. Didn’t they have a closing down sale? In typical Nomenclature fashion, I have no helpful information for you. Search for it!
Coat. Tee*fy.
This is from Collabor88 which is likely still a laggy mess but it’s worth putting up with this time around, some really nice items there including this wonderful coat. I only wish it was made from real fur.
Dress. Happy Undead.
I was searching for a dress to wear under this coat for ages. Eventually I started bugging people for help and one of them led me to this. I think the lesson here is to never try and do anything for yourself.
Fishnets. Blowpop.
I actually thought Blowpop had shut down but it turns out they haven’t. So maybe I’m wrong about Elikatira too. Who knows? It’s a mystery. A very easily solvable mystery but a mystery none the less! Is easily solvable correct grammer? Another mystery.
Boots. Lethal? (I think.)
This is another one of those places where I’m not actually sure what the shop is called. Ask me if you want a LM though!
Claws. ni.Ju
Would you believe me if I told you this is the third item where I was sure the shop had closed? Because it is. Anyway, it’s not closed so go buy some claws.

I think that’s everything.

If I was a visitor to this blog I would be appalled at how unhelpful it actually is but I’m not.

Is anyone planning on playing FFXIV? If so you better not play as an Arcanist or I’ll kick you in the shins and spit on your sandwiches. Arcanist is my class and I’m sick of having to play a Marauder and watch you all suck at it. I will ruin a sandwich every time your Carbuncle uses Backdraft, if you run out of sandwiches I will move on to whatever else you have lying around the kitchen. This is your final warning.

This post has taken so long to do. I keep getting distracted, even more so than usual and also my mouse is a broken double clicking bastard and I hate him. He’s sat there as I type this, looking all smug. Jokes on him though because he’s about to be replaced. I’m not sure what I’ll do with him once the new mouse arrives. Probably just stick him in the loft. I have loads of empty Game Boy boxes in the loft, no idea why. Did anyone play Lion King on Game Boy? Intense. People think Dark Souls is hard, you play Lion King on a fat Game Boy. In the afternoon. With no artificial light.

Anyway, I’m bored now so I’m off.


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