There’s a lot of nothing in the words, I know.

Alright me old cobbers?

This is a short, text only post. You’ll soon notice this as you reach the end of it and think to yourself “Well, that was short. Also, I saw no pictures, only text.”

Firstly, I’d like to apologize for leaving you all without guidance for so long, I know it can’t have been pleasant. Luckily for you, I shall be returning soon, with pictures that will inspire you to be a better person and sort your life out. Your family and friends are all worried about you.

What have I been up to? Well, it’s kind of you to ask and even though I get the feeling you’re just being nosy, I’ll go ahead and tell you because I do so enjoy talking about myself.

I haven’t really been up to anything. I moped about for a while, pretended to be a hairy black man and then came back here. Ate quite a few yoghurts, like, one every morning I’d say? Hard to judge really isn’t it? Other than that not a lot.

So why haven’t I been posting? Well, my dear friends, that’s the £2.50 question isn’t it?
The me who usually posts isn’t the me who was me while I wasn’t posting. It’s quite simple. I’m not sure this me that’s me right now is that old me either but we or they at least share enough similarities for me/us/them/her to get back to posting, so we/I shall do exactly that.

Please look forward to new pictures of me posing in uncomfortable looking positions in outfits no one would ever really wear.

See you around, yeah?


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