So here I go, I’m still scratching around in the same old hole.

You really can’t go wrong with an iced bun, can you?

I’ve got a week off work soon and I’m going to the zoo. I haven’t been to the zoo for ages, I think going to the zoo should probably happen at least once every two years. I think if you went too much you wouldn’t enjoy it as much and the animals would get sick of seeing you. Like, when a friend turns up out of the blue and you haven’t seen them for a while, it’s nice but then they keep coming back and drinking all your wine and suddenly those depressing nights sat drinking alone in the dark seem so much nicer so the next time you hear that knock at the door or hear the phone ring you pretend you’re not home until they leave. Eventually they take the hint and resent you for not just being honest with them and you lose yet another friend but you’ll always have wine.
I think that’s what the animals must think if you go to the zoo too much.

Last time I went to the zoo they wanted me to feed penguins but that meant touching fish so I refused. I hope they found someone else to do it, I don’t need dead penguins on my mind.

Waltz #1 might be one of my favourite songs ever. If I ever turn into a monster and go on a rampage, I think that will be the song they have to play to calm me down so they can attack my weak points. I don’t carry any money or anything interesting to drop, so I’ll probably be that one boss no one bothers to farm. I hope I’m difficult to beat though, I hope I have like lasers or something and can maybe summon cats to help me, that would be nice.

Here is a picture of me.


I call this look “That one outfit where I tried to finally combine gold and silver and failed so resorted to just gold instead” because I’ve been trying to use both gold and silver in one outfit for ages and I thought this was that outfit and it wasn’t.
I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I always use either gold or silver, never both. I don’t think it can be done you know, it sounds so simple but I just can’t make it work. It’s like toasting bread, that bottom right corner is going to get burnt every time. In my toaster at least. I guess I could just buy a new toaster but until I do, that’s a good comparison.

This is the first outfit I’ve made and been happy with for a while actually, it all just sort of feel into place. Apart from the Loud Mouth. I hate fitting things. I don’t actually know who made Loud Mouth but they are banned from my next birthday party for making something really pretty that drove me mad. Your creation is the SL equivalent of that one girl I fell in love with.


Skin. Sugar Garden.
I’m in love with E tone right now, I think I’d used it once or twice before but I kept falling back to A. This is Eun-Seo, the newest I think, I love it and I love the fact that tsg seems to have every applier you’d ever want, it’s always nice when a skin shop is on the ball with these things.
Hair. Spellbound.
Didn’t actually notice this place spring up. I’ve been that disconnected from the world of making pretty things to stare at. I’m guessing they’re semi-new still? As usual, I do no research, regardless, I love every single hair they have, which is rare. This one even works with tits, which doesn’t sound like a big deal because most hair places claim to make hairs that work with tits but they don’t really. It’s a dirty little secret that I am exposing right now on my blog. World Exclusive, turn to pages 4, 5, 6 and 15 for more.
Shirt. Illmatic.
I had my tangos on before I found this shirt, so, you can blame this place for my first post after such a long break being like, I don’t know 43% less busty. I love the shirt though. Is it a shirt or a tee or something else? I don’t know, it’s nice though!
Skirt. Sugar Garden.
An xxs skirt I can wear with my cute azz that doesn’t need an alpha? Excuse me while I go masturbate in the corner of the room.
Boots. Gos.
I forgot that Gos did things that weren’t heels but they do, like these. They are nice. I’m wearing double socks in this picture because that’s just the kind of person I am. I hate it when people wear odd socks to try and be “quirky” though, fair enough if you actually want to wear different coloured socks but if you really only have the use of socks to express your personality, well, take a look at your life is all I’m saying.

I think that’s everything. Well, it’s not but it’s the only things I have comments for, so, here are the other items presented in a slightly less rambling way.

Choker. RYCA
Necklace. Gabriel
Cuffs. Random Matter
Mini-ramble. I used to live next to this store and I had no idea until after I moved out.
Stockings. Forever Young
Ink. Utopiah and Infected

That’s probably everything.

I think I was about 23% more helpful than usual which is pretty good for me, isn’t it?

If I was still in school I’d probably give myself, like, two stickers for this post and I’d even let myself pick which ones I wanted (Red smiley face and blue smiley face.)

I’m going to go to sleep now because I think I have work in like four or five hours, I forget. I hope it’s five hours, that extra hour will go down a treat with my brain and eyes. They’ll be so happy, the little scamps.

There’s a channel over here called E4 that seems to just run repeats of Big Bang Theory all day. I didn’t laugh the first time E4 and I’m still not laughing now, I think you need to start showing Bob’s Burgers again before I get mad and possibly turn into some sort of laser and cat summoning monster that will need a party of at least 8 competent players to beat.

Nap time. Adios!


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