And wherever you are, land on another star.


What? Did you think I’d forgotten about you? No, no, this was all a very clever test to see if you could cope without me. Clearly not. Look at the state of you!
Well, fear not loyal readers, I return with both half-assed pictures and irrelevant text. Yes my friends, you shall be free to bathe in my glory once more. Though, to be quite honest with you, I don’t actually remember how I went about doing any of this. I had a little routine you see, healthy one, like cigarettes after sex with strangers, that sort of thing but I’ve only gone and forgotten it.

We shall have to pray that I remember as I type because there is no stopping this crazy blog/train of mine dear friends, oh no. Partly because I sold several parts of the train in order to buy a big hat because I thought I was going to the horse races but I don’t even like horse races so I didn’t go and now I have big hat that I hate and have no intention of ever wearing and a train without breaks that isn’t even a train anyway, it’s a blog. That was all lies and I am very sorry for my dishonesty, I will never do it again.

Did you ever have to write an apology letter in school? I had to write a couple, was pretty lame, mostly because I was never actually sorry.

Here is a picture of me.


I call this look “No, really it was an accident, my knees are bleeding, I better have another one of those cool plasters” Did anyone else get hurt on purpose when they were little just for plasters? I had cool dinosaur plasters once, never bled so much in my life. Also, you silly Americans call them band-aids? So silly.

I obviously love this dress. Black and white stripes? You can’t see me right now but my keyboard is on the floor because I am bent over, offering myself to this dress like a bitch in heat. There’s a mental image for you. It hasn’t taken the offer yet but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time, probably had a big lunch or something, I can relate, had four poptarts. Four! Absurd!


Skin. Sugar Garden.
This is Hope, I think it’s still my favorite Sugar Garden skin in any tone. I tried the newest one but I don’t think it really suits me.
Hair. Lamb.
Oh Lamb. Much like an actual lamb, you make me tingle in special places. Also, I hear you are delicious with mint sauce. I have never eaten a lamb or tasted mint sauce and I have no intention of doing so. Fear not, you are among friends dear Lamb.
Dress. Pumpkin.
I’ve never eaten a pumpkin either. Well, I had pumpkin pie once when I was really little and I remember really liking it but I haven’t had any actual pumpkin. Anyway, pumpkins make nice dresses, who knew?
Plasters. u.f.o.
u.f.o make pretty things. These were from a gacha and all gacha machines hate me for some reason, probably racism or something. Anyway, I love them!
Headband. Also u.f.o.
I spent well over 5k on the gacha machines at u.f.o trying to get this headband and a kitty doll. I still don’t have that doll. Gacha hates me.
Heels. Gos.
I’ve spoken about Gos heels in the past, they’re great, I noticed today though that sometimes the skin tone looks ever so slightly off. It’s still way easier to just click a button on a hud than to actually tint them though so I really can’t complain.

I think that’s everything.

So, what do you think about my return to blogging? Was it as triumphant as you hoped it would be? It was actually way harder than I thought it would be, I regret taking a break now. I’m sure this isn’t my best work but if you look at every other post you’ll note that the bar was never set very high and then you will feel much, much better about this post. If that fails I recommend red wine and possibly an attitude adjustment, you ungrateful bastards!
Pepsi was really cheap so I bought like, four bottles because it’s been hot here. I am so sick of Pepsi. It tastes of syrup. Syrup and shame. Syrup, shame and an early grave. So now I’m drinking fruit juice which is apparently also bad for you. Why is every drink trying to kill me? Red wine still loves me at least. I have no doubt that if red wine had hands it would hold my hair back as I threw it back up along with two bagel, four poptarts, scrambled eggs and baked beans. I pretty much only eat breakfast food these days. I regret nothing.

Anyway, I’m going to go, got things to do, can’t be pissing about with you all night can I?

Good luck with that rash, catch you later, yeah?


Don’t listen to a word I say, the screams all sound the same.

I’ve been gone a while but here you are waiting for me, I love you imaginary readers. I do, you’re awesome. Not as awesome as jumbo tube dairylea dunkers but pretty awesome.

I’ve kinda forgotten how I do this to be honest, it’s actually been longer than I thought hasn’t it? I’ve been saving for my Fire Emblem 3DSXL so I’ve had less to spend on clothes and when I don’t have pretty new things to try on my enthusiasm kinda drops. Today’s outfit only really happened because I found something in my inventory that I didn’t even know I had and I set my self the task of making it fit into an outfit. So, with the exception of a couple items it’s mostly old stuff. I may set myself similar tasks in the future to fuel ideas for this blog, we’ll see. I’m never short of things to write about I just sometimes lack pretty pictures to share.

What have I been up to? Funny you should ask, I was just about to tell you.
I taught myself the chair dance from furisodeshon, pretended to work some more and fed the ducks. I also had KFC for the first time in a while but I had it outside on a really windy day and I got barbecue sauce in my hair, that was a low point. Aside from that, it’s been smooth sailing but with less sailing because sailing scares me. I don’t mind boats but actually doing the sailing is scary in case I crash and I fall in the sea with the fish. I hate fish. Especially tuna because it comes in a little can and you grow up thinking tuna must be really small fish and then you see a tuna for the first time and it blows your little mind. My hair is getting pretty long. I’ve always loved my hair since it’s amazing in every way but it’s past the point where I’d usually cut it and I’m not sure if I should continue to let it grow now or have a trim. I do love the extra length, it can almost double as a scarf on colder days. Maybe when I do cut it I’ll turn it into a scarf. We’ll see.

Here is a picture of me.


I call this look “Edna Mode: The Early/Taller Years” and you get 10 points and half a dairylea dunker if you get the reference or are able to use google.

So, yeah, this came about from finding a nylon catsuit in my inventory and trying to create something around it. The catsuit is actually, uh, easy access so trousers were an obvious choice. Well, eventually. Originally, I made a joke about how you see girls walking around topless but you rarely seem them bottomless and made my top half rather formal but then with a nylon framed, well, you know. Pretty avant-garde, no? Anyway, that joke got boring rather quickly and I put some trousers on.


Skin. Modish.
I have to admit, I’d never even heard of this store until I stumbled on one of their skins at the monthly whore couture event. I liked the demo but I typically don’t buy skins with makeup or at least without makeup I can’t cover with other makeup so I went to the store and found this lovely one. I needed something pale and this was perfect. I normally use a tsg skin in the A tone but the blush made it a little too cute for the outfit.
Hair. Lelutka.
I’m really loving the textures at lelutka lately, they’re quickly becoming a new favourite.
Catsuit. LyaC.
I have no idea when I bought this or for what reason, it’s kinda hot though isn’t it? And it’s nice to know you can work it into a “regular” outfit quite easily.
Blazer. Leverocci.
I wear this jacket a lot, it’s my go to black jacket. If it were a character in Mass Effect it would be Garrus. I just wish it worked with mesh boobs. Make me a blazer that works with boobs and I will probably have sexual intercourse with you.
Bra. Mon Tissu.
This was another item I didn’t know I owned. I wanted something to cover my boobies and stumbled across this. I got lucky since with the nylon covering it, the colour almost perfectly matches the collar, right?
Trousers. House of Fox (I think!)
I’ve shown these in black once or twice before I think. I love them, they work with all my shoes and they come in an ass and no ass version for matching with mesh tops.
Collar. Luck Inc.
I also own this collar with the black and white stripes. I love black and white stripes. If the collar were a person I would buy it a nice dinner and then take it back to my place for a night of passionate love making.
Piercings. Puncture.
The only piercings I’ll wear! Piercings usually creep me out but these cute ones from Puncture are lovely.

I think that’s everything.

I’m eating chocolate covered popcorn for dinner. I was supposed to be having macaroni but it never happened. I don’t know who decided to cover popcorn in chocolate but that man deserves some sort of popcorn related medal. I heard Americans put butter on popcorn. You guys are weird. Also North Korea doesn’t like you so good luck with that! Margret Thatcher died yesterday. People are planning parties for the day of her funeral, I’m not even joking.

I feel quite sick now, I don’t know why I thought chocolate covered popcorn was a good choice for dinner. Why didn’t you stop me? You should have known this wouldn’t end well. I’ve got dinner plans for Thursday which translates to “I’m going to drink a lot of wine and eat poorly prepared food for a somewhat reasonable price.” Why is wine expensive? It should be on tap like water. It’s pretty much essential to modern life, like the toaster. Actually, I only ever use the toaster for pop tarts so that might not be the best example. I do like pop tarts though. Strawberry pop tarts. And bagels.

I’m going to go now.

Acting like he has no needs, wanting you to watch him bleed.

I can’t actually remember when I made the last post but it feels like I’ve had another long break. Was it hard for you? I bet. I missed all of you too. Well, that’s a lie. I missed some of you but a lot of you are kinda weird looking, let’s be honest here.

So, there have been lots of events all bunched together and to be honest it’s really killing my chances of buying Monster Hunter next Friday. That might not seem like a big deal but it is because if I can’t afford to slay wyverns on the 22nd I will be slaying humans instead.
Okay, that’s totally a lie. I’m scared people are going to die on the 22nd now and I’ll get an angry mob turning up at my door for the second time this year. For the record, I’m not going to kill anyone and I still don’t know who drew a giant cock on the side of that church so stop asking.

A lot of the time when I force people to read this blog they seem confused or they do that thing that people do in RL where they force a laugh and look away from you but, like, the SL equivalent which is either “lmao” or “lol”. I think people get confused because they’re looking for a point. There is no point. There’s no hidden meaning behind anything I write here, no real message. I am simply sharing my tales and/or exploits with you. I encourage you to open your minds, empty out the boring information and fill your heads with stories about seagulls and that one time I bought a cream cake and there was an ant in it.

Here is a picture of me.


I call this look “Trying to create an outfit loosely based around the events that have stolen all my money” Now that I look at it though, it only features two items from two events. I bought like 4 skins though and I can’t wear all those at the same time! I need more tat layers. Someone make this happen. I need an assistant too that can make things happen when I’m all “Make it happen”.

You know what show I hate? Rules of Engagement. Someone should inform the people who make this show that sitcoms are supposed to be funny. The only way I can make it enjoyable is by muting it and watching the weird expressions the other actors make when they aren’t talking. I watch too many sitcoms.


Skin. Sugar Garden. (Skin Fair!)
I’m going to stop here. I know, we’re entering a scary new world where I actually comment on things I’m wearing like a proper blog. Anyway, this skin is lovely and I was massively impressed/surprised to find that my Gos heels already had the skin in their uh, heel hud thingy. Yeah.
Hair. Lelutka.
I’ve bought LeLutka hair in the past but I’ve never actually worn it which is a shame because the red packs at least are pretty hot, right?
Bodysuit. Blah. (Whore Couture!)
I don’t really know what we call this item of clothing but I know it’s hot. I love blah. I secretly wish she’d make a jet black and like a bright white option for some of her clothing, that’s just me being a monochrome freak though I think.
Heels. Gos.
Expensive but in my opinion totally worth it. If you’re going to splash out on something a little more pricey I highly recommend a pair of Gos heels. Get them in black, they’ll go with everything. After the hell of my OCD tinting of shoes in the past, that magic little hud they have is heaven.
Cuffs & Collar. Epoque.
I’m pretty much always wearing some sort of accessory from Epoque. I’m sure you’ve noticed. I love the place.
Belly Chain. Puncture.
I thought this was going to be a pain in the butt to fit but it was actually pretty easy. Puncture also sell the only piercings I actually like which is quite an accomplishment because I have a total phobia about piercings. I wonder if that has a real name.

I think that’s everything.

What do you think about me adding a little more info about each item? I don’t know if I’ll keep it up we’ll see what the reaction is I suppose! It was nice to comment on things.

I say I love things a lot. You know who I do love though? Me. Also, Monk. I watched the final episode again the other day, it was pretty emotional, I’d been “sipping” red wine throughout but still. Tonight I’m having chicken for dinner. Chicken is the only meat I eat if we don’t count bacon which we shouldn’t because it’s pretty much a vegetable if you really think about it.

My cat has been distracting me constantly, so this has taken a lot longer than normal. She keeps crying at me and trying to climb on my lap to sleep but my lap isn’t big enough for a lady of her considerable size. She’s got a blanket to lay on though, I don’t even have a blanket to lay on and I’m pretty much a human!

Well, that’s it for tonight’s episode. I’ve been Thyia Dexler and you’ve been mediocre at best! See you around, yeah?

And if I recover, will you be my comfort?

I didn’t die, don’t believe those nasty rumours.

I’ve actually just been pretty broke which meant no new clothes. Lots of people told me to blog old stuff but the majority of my old stuff is all old and stuff.

brb. Need to pee.

Back. So, yeah, I was stuck without any pictures to blog and I didn’t really know if people would come here just to hear me talk about cats and tortoises and popcorn and stuff so I was forced to take a break. I learnt a lot during my time away, for example, I now know that lemon fanta smells of blood. I’m not sure what I’ll do with all this new information. I’ll probably forget most of it at some point so I can remember more important things like song lyrics.
I worry that I’ve forgotten things sometimes, the other day my cat winked at me and I had no idea why, some might suggest that something had simply irritated her eye and so she instinctively blinked. Those people are fools. She was clearly acknowledging the success of some part of a plan we no doubt formed while I was drunk on red wine. If only I could remember what the plan entailed. I know she likes tuna but I hate it so I doubt it was tuna related. I’ve asked her a couple times but she just stares at me and then either walks away or attempts to go back to sleep. I guess we’ll just play it by ear.

Here is a picture of me.


I call this look “Oil Spill” I’m cosplaying as a spirit of vengeance created by the deaths of animals in environmental disasters.

It always seems to be seagulls that die in oil spills, someone should tell them that they can fly and are capable of landing in plenty of other locations that aren’t the sea. I know this because I live pretty far away from the sea and we have a ridiculous amount of seagulls here. In high school they told us not to litter because it attracted more seagulls. No one listened of course, I littered more actually because I was pretty good friends with a seagull named Percy, he used to come and see me every English lesson. Anyway, if you think about it, our littering saved a lot of lives. I’m not sure how many oil spills there were during my time at high school but I know a large amount of seagulls were nowhere near the sea.

You’re welcome.


Skin. Sugar Garden
Hair. LaViere
Dress. Luck Inc. (From the Whore Couture event!)
Leggings. ISON
Boots. Slink
Cuffs. epoque.s
Nails. Mstyle
Massive cute bow. Blah.

I think that’s everything.

I’m broke again because I spent like 2000L trying to get a backpack with a bunny in it at the gacha thing. I think I might have other things to blog though or I guess I could blog me wearing lots of backpacks. The backpacks are actually really hard to position right, for me at least. I regret nothing though. Well, I maybe regret kneeling on that pencil in first school because I bled a lot but that wasn’t a conscious decision, can you regret things you didn’t decide to do? Fuck knows.

I don’t know why you aren’t listening to this song but I’m pretty sick of it. You better start listening or we’re over. Do I look like I’m joking?

It’s pretty fantastical, no? I like it in the same way that I like pancakes but I’ve already listened to this song on like, three separate days this year. This is the first time the title of a post is in any way related to the content of the post. Mark this date in your diaries.

Anyway, I’m off to drink cherry tango. I hate tango. It’s a “20% bigger bottle” because even the people that make it hate it and they want it gone as quickly as possible. Well, I’m assuming.
Fly on, little wing.

Where bright tomorrows give you comfort in sorrow.

It’s been two days without a post! Did you manage to hang in there? It’s okay, I’m here now let’s talk about this. We can go back to how things were, I promise.

I haven’t really been myself the past couple days so I gave the blog a miss, I’m fine once I start typing but it’s getting to that point. It’s been one of “those” weekends, where you kinda fall off the face of the earth for a while and float about in your own head. Sometimes you bring cats but only if they like to cuddle. I’ve handled it fairly well, imo, I don’t think I complained once which is pretty rare. To be honest, I probably need medication but fuck that, I have wine. I’ll be back to my normal surreal/confused/awesome/arousing state within the hour! Failing that, probably by the end of tomorrow. Or something.

Here is a picture of me.


I call this look “Stop wearing so much black and white or, like, make it your trademark. Like how cartoon characters usually stick to one colour? Do that” Because seriously? More black and white?

I’ve actually already shown off this shirt before but I love it. Actually a lot of this outfit has been featured in other posts. Huh. Shut up, I’m cute! This is probably one of my favourite outfits since that last one that was probably one of my favourite outfits.


Skin. Sugar Garden
Hair. LaViere
Shirt. NYU
Tights. Mon Tissu
Boots. Slink
Bunny Band. Monso
Cuffs+Ring. Epoque
Collar. MT
Nails. Jamman
Piercings. Puncture

I think that’s everything. I hope the picture hasn’t stretched the page.

I’m drinking a milky coffee right now. I’m not going to explain what that is, it’s a mystical type of special coffee that seems to be closely guarded family secret. It tastes wonderful though. Like milk and coffee, go figure!

I’ve just discovered the shuffle function. Well, I always knew it was there I’ve just never used it. It just bumped me from Elliott Smith to Sleigh Bells. I’m a fan. I can see myself using this at least two more times before I get bored and go back to my usual method of listening which consists of selecting every individual song I listen to one after another. If you’ve ever spoken to me in world, that’s why my responses are a little slow sometimes.

I want to go to the seaside and eat banana fritters and chicken sandwiches that taste of sand. I haven’t seen the sea for, uh, years probably. I love it, even though it’s full of horrific fish monsters. It’s way too cold to go now though, I guess I’ll wait until summer and then I can play on the pier too. Waste a weeks pay trying to win tokens to spend on a stuffed bear that costs around £2 in a shop at the end of the road.

I’m going to finish this coffee and then get the last of the wine. Cheers mate.

Just show me the way to leave, that’s all I need.

The drunk post never happened because I came home and passed out while watching a program about a fried chicken shop. I have to say, what I saw was hilarious. I had a huge headache when I woke up which is odd because I’m usually fine. It made work a little more interesting though. Yes, I’m at the point where being in pain at work makes it more interesting. You know, I don’t actually watch TV but it’s always turned on, filling the room with inane noise that I won’t hear because my headset is pretty much glued to my head. That probably isn’t very “green” of me but I couldn’t give two shits. The way I see it, the faster we kill the planet the faster I can live on the moon. I encourage you all to litter/waste energy/start nuclear war so we can get off this shitty planet.

I like that saying. Is it a saying? “I couldn’t give two shits”. Could I give one shit? Probably not. I couldn’t give a single shit, not one. If I had a shit and I wanted to give it I could not. I have done many shits in my 23 years on this planet and not one of them is available for you. All past, present and future shits are off limits.

This is another post that I won’t be showing to Kyary.

Here is a picture of me.


I call this look “Bedtime at the Brothel” because the shirt reminds me of a Pajama top and sleeping in heels is something that prostitutes probably do. Is that a nasty assumption? I don’t think I’ve ever met a prostitute, if one is reading this blog right now get in touch.

I actually love this shirt, I have 3 of them I think, 2 or 3. I can remember two of them but I’m sure I’ve bought three. Anyway, I love it.


Skin. Sugar Garden
Hair. lamb.
Shirt. mon tissu
Trousers. Color.Me (I think? I should look into that)
Heels. Gos.
Nails. S&V

I think that’s everything.

That picture is one of my better attempts I think, I actually quite like it.

My blog is actually getting a lot of views, I’m not really sure why or how but I’m very grateful for anyone who’s coming back to read this more than once. You obviously have either excellent taste in blogs or a failing memory. If the latter is true and you’re rich I’m your daughter and I’ve been looking for you for ages. I need an operation that costs roughly £100,000, please get in contact.

Cross your fingers! Toodles!

Now it’s getting dark and the sky looks sticky.

So, we’re going out for a family dinner to celebrate the birthday of someone who isn’t family. That’s fine with me, I get free wine. I’m going to drink until I can’t see. I could quite easily become an alcoholic, life is better when you’re pleasantly tipsy, I can see why it’s so popular. I didn’t actually start drinking properly until, hmm, maybe two years ago? I’m 23. I think. For some reason I think I’m 24 but people keep correcting me. I hope I haven’t lost a year somewhere or forgotten one because pretending I’m a year younger is the sort of thing my family would do if given the chance. The swines.

I think I’m really sorting of cutting this blog close time wise. I’m pretty sure I should be getting dolled up right about now for this whole dinner thing. I’m actually really hungry since I decided a bottle of chocolate milk was an acceptable choice for lunch. It was delicious of course (it’s chocolate and milk) but I’m still rather peckish.

Here is a picture of me.


I call this look “No, I really think the mask works with this outfit, I can totally still wear it, it’s fine. I look quirky. I’m like Zooey Deschanel but with a personality.” I want to call her Zoo e. I guess she’s okay though, just dull, right?

Anyway, I won’t lie, I put no effort into this outfit at all. It just kinda fell together and I was like “I’m okay with this” and then I took some pics. I love this pose though, I look so awkward. This is the kind of pose I end up in when people take pictures for real because I always seem to be doing odd things just as they click the shutter. I’ve frequently referred to this phenomena as “Pokemon Snap” with friends, hoping it will catch on. It hasn’t yet. I’ve actually been told by that it’s never going to catch on but I think they’ll cave in eventually. If not we’ll call it an inside joke between me and me.


Skin. Sugar Garden
Hair. lamb.
Top and Trousers. Uh, Color.Me? That’s an odd one. The LM is to somewhere called “House of Fox” I got it from Collabor88 anyway.
Cuffs. epoque.s
Nails. Jamman
Mask. Illusions
Heels. Gos
Piercings. Puncture

I think that’s everything.

There was an advert on TV for butter just then. I think butter is one of those things that doesn’t really need to be advertised, we’re all quite aware that it exists and we all know what it’s used for (anal sex) so I don’t really see the point. It’s the same with adverts for toilet roll. I’m going to need to buy it at some point, please don’t waste your money on an ad campaign featuring bears or koalas. When I need toilet paper I will come to you, I know where you are (the last aisle opposite toiletries).

I’m in love with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I’m pretty sure we’re going to get married one day so I suppose I need to start learning Japanese in preparation. I probably shouldn’t show her this blog though, not after the part about toilet paper. Maybe I’ll make a separate blog post at some point to declare my love and I’ll make it much cuter so she can be like “Aww” instead of “Eww”
I’ll have to think about it I guess. Unf.

Anyway, I better go get ready, huh? You want to come along? Drink some wine, eat defrosted food that’s supposedly not defrosted and hope none of it contains horses or other unadvertised animals? Yeah? Well you can’t.
I might make a drunk post later for shits and/or giggles, I want to read it back afterwards. We’ll see! If not, see you around mate.